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What is Langnese Honey

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Langnese Honig is a German-based honey manufacturing and marketing company. It was first established in 1927 and has since been hailed for its high-quality honey and unprecedented commitment, dedication, and market service. The company takes pride in producing the “highest quality of the greatest enjoyment (honey).” The company started with offering and making pure honey available to people, with consistency and without any hindrances.   

The traditional company, Langese Honig, selects the best quality honey from its honey farms in Europe, south and central America. A wide range of honey products is supplied from these farms. The quality of their product is naturally competent because a strict control upon inspection of farms and extraction mechanism is observed. Their globally acclaimed product criteria have helped Langnese honey products become few among the best in the world.

All products are carefully tested and approved before they leave for market. With the latest technology and scientific research, Langnese Honig maintains its stature in the market and beyond. Nothing less than high quality can satisfy the manufacturers. That is also why, since 2012, he has been a consistent recipient of the award for ‘brand of the century.’


As mentioned above, the company came into existence in the midway 1920s. The idea of established a full-blown company materialized when a young importer Karl Rolf Seyferth imported 5,000kg of Californian honey on the commodity exchange. Contrary to popular assumptions, the demand for quality honey, grew exponentially and people started to ask for more honey products.

A rise in demand make Seyferth look for a shell company in 1927, and none gave him a better offer than Viktor Emil Heinrich Langnese. Since Victor’s name was already associated with a Hamburg-based biscuit factory thus making business trade with him only opened new doors of prospect for Seyferth and a new brand for Germany.

Benefits of Langnese Honey

Honey, in general, has many services but is high-quality; langnese honey is particularly beneficial for the following reasons.

It is unadulterated

Unlike other honey products and manufacturers in the market, Langnese is known not just for its quality but also for keeping its honey products unapologetically natural. Most companies prefer to opt for adulterate honey products since their production cost is cheap while the profit they reap is quick and relatively enormous. Hence, they are suitable for the market. However, Langnese honey is particular about the kind of product they want to keep on-demand, and for the last nine decades, they’ve never compromised upon their quality. No quantity of synthetics and sugar is used in making Langnese honey. It is thoroughly organic and unadulterated.

Highest quality and purity

Besides containing only 16-20% water content, Langnese honey doesn’t contain anything synthetic, inorganic, or unadulterated. It’s genuinely raw, residue-free, and completely unfiltered. Therefore, it composes the best honey product in quality and purity.   

Diabetic Friendly

For diabetic patients, Langnese honey works not just as an alternative but also as a blessing. Since people with diabetes can not consume sugar, hence instead they can opt for Langnese honey. That helps in digestion and helps in the production of insulin in the body. In essence, the main carbohydrates of honey – Fructose and Glucose have characteristically different structural formulas but similar molecular ones. Hence, consuming them wouldn’t disturb the sugar balance and will also fulfill the requirement. In all and all, what must be kept in mind is that only natural, organic, or raw honey can is diabetic friendly. Synthetic and adulterated honey can make conditions unfavorable or even worse for the patient.  

Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging components

Another practical benefit of Langnese honey is that it works as a natural anti-oxidant for skin cells when applied on the skin or used in a skincare product. Thus, cleaning them and moisturizing them thoroughly. It is also used as an antibacterial component, for it assists in balancing the ratio of healthy bacteria on the skin. Several experts have lauded raw honey for its anti-aging properties as well. Since it removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin cells from underneath the soft layer lastly, it is an influential component in skin remedies and skincare products.

Treats Anemia

Every 100 grams of honey contains 0.42 mg of iron. Besides containing iron, Langnese honey also have a good amount of magnesium and copper. Each of these elements is essential and instrumental in increasing hemoglobin quantity in the human body. Therefore, honey mixed in lemon water every day early in the morning is an effective home remedy for fighting amnesia.  


Since natural honey is pure from any synthetics thus, it doesn’t ferment in the stomach and is relatively wholly absorbed. Thus, making the process of digestion very effective and convenient. In addition, several studies have shown that honey contains pro-biotics that support healthy activities of good bacteria in our gut.

It comes in multiple flavors.  

Although there are more benefits of Langnese honey than those mentioned above, mainly consensus is that it is an overall healthy and beneficial product, unlike typical honey products with their standard and redundant flavors. Langnese Honey comes in almost five flavors. Each is different from than others, providing a wide variety of tastes and options.

And lastly not to forget, that it not only tastes better than sugar but is also healthier than it.