Fagonia Flower Honey 500G


Fagonia or Dhamasa is a plant that is mostly found in the dry and desert areas of Asia and Africa. Small, spiny and erect. A genus of about 45 species that are distributed in many regions of Pakistan. Used ethnobotanically by traditional practitioners under Ayurveda and other healing regimes for many maladies. The nectar from its flowers is extracted by honeybees to product one of the best honey with all the beneficial characteristics of the Fagonia plant.

A pure miracle for the diabetics, Fagonia bush used as treatment for diabetes , best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots opposing brain hemorrhage and heart problems. Treatment against Cancers, Thalassemia and Hepatitis. Strengthens the liver and mental ability. Heals pimples and other dermatology problems, strengthens stomach. It alleviates symptoms like vomiting, thirst and burning sensation, etc. It increases the physical strength, weight of the week and under weight people. Helpful in controlling weight for bulky people, cures mouth & gum disorders.

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