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Acacia commonly referred to as wattles or acacias, is a genus with large number of trees and shrubs that grow in the warm climates. Evergreen and deciduous, fast growth with life span only of about 20 to 30 years. It is considered ‘a plant and forget it’ type of tree. Honey that is  made from the nectar of Acacia plant also stands out from other types of honey with a distinct “portfolio”. When it comes to consumers among the many types of honey, Acacia honey is the most preferred type. Crystallization takes place slowly, 1 to 2 years after extraction. The capacity of remaining in a liquid state along with its light color makes it of greater commercial importance and appears to be irresistible not to devour a spoon of it if a bottle of it was lying on the table among the many varieties. Tastes unobtrusive and can be consumed in large amount without the feeling of being sick due to the overdose of it.

Good for culinary applications and also used for a number of medicinal purposes, due to its rich nutrients and antioxidants that it contains. Many people use Acacia honey to help with their weight loss efforts , particularly when mixed with water or milk. It can help satisfy your sweet tooth, and also make you feel full which reduces unnecessary snacking. Acacia honey can also stimulate the metabolism, further aiding weight loss efforts. Readily absorbed by the body without burdening the pancreas, suggested for people with diabetes of type ||. No allergic reactions caused due to low pollen content. Serves as a cough suppressant and a good antiseptic.

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