Jujuba (Rich Sidr) Flower Queens Organic Honey


Found in the wild forests and mountains of northern areas of Pakistan consisting of the pollen from crop Jujuba also known as Berr. Extracted mostly in the winter period. Commonly called Chinese date, Korean date or Indian date , species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family, small, deciduous, erect tree growing up to 5–10 m high, unarmed with brown to gray-brown bark and spreading often drooping branches. Flowers inconspicuous, 1/5 inch diameter; white to greenish-yellow colored somewhat fragrant, produced in large number. The flowering period extends over several months from late spring into summer. Though, individual flowers are receptive to pollen for only one day or less. Pollination is done by ants or other insects like bees and possibly even by the wind. Most jujuba cultivars produce fruit without cross-pollination.