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Benefits of Honey for Skin

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Honey is a soft, sticky, and sweet substance that is produced by honey bees. It is made in hives and is left for humans to extract from them once it is done. It is one of the most natural and beneficial ingredients to existing in the world. Collectively honey is produced by a combination of live bacteria, plant matter, and certain enzyme activity. There are numerous practical uses of honey in several manners. For instance, it is used in cosmetics, natural healing, skin and scars, lightening skin tones, and nourishing dead skin cells. Experts have argued that unpasteurized and raw honey is most advantageous for application on skin as compared to synthetic and pasteurized ones.

Benefits of Raw Honey

The natural structure and composition of raw honey are precious for skincare. It helps treat skin acne and autoimmune skin conditions like psoriasis and, sometimes, is also beneficial in the treatment of eczema. In addition, skin overgrowth of Candida, which has been a significant spoke of the pathway of progress in skincare, can also be controlled and fully treated by applying raw honey regularly.   

Although Manuka honey is considered most effective in treating acne, raw honey, in general, is known for balancing the bacteria on the skin, and that is what makes it a significant anti-acne product altogether. Raw honey essentially contributes to the healing process of your affected skin cells and nurtures them positively. For instance, if you are dealing with skin acne or eczema outbreak with blemishes, raw honey will considerably reduce skin cell inflation and increase the speed of the healing process. Manuka honey has proved to be so influential and significant in the entire procedure of healing skin cells that certain physicians in clinical settings even use it regularly for treatments.

Moreover, raw honey also works as a natural exfoliator as its direct impact is upon skin cells, so it also helps take off-dry or dull skin cells to bring forth new skin cells.

Ways of Application of honey on your skin

For chronic skin damages and conditions, Manuka honey (or any other kind of raw honey) is used as a face mask that can be put on and left for several minutes or hours. Sometimes it is also used as a paste that is explicitly applied upon spots. It is vital to use only fresh and natural honey. Because only that will balance bacteria on your skin and activate your immune system for further healing procedures, excessive inflation, redness on the skin, and blemishes can become difficult to treat if synthetic and unnatural honey is used instead of Manuka. Hence, be very careful.

Another method of applying honey to your skin is mixing it with other beneficial ingredients like fruit pastes. Collectively, they will all create a face mask that would effectively heal skin cells and help make overall smooth and healthy skin. However, before applying the paste, be mindful that you should not be allergic to any ingredients that are being used in the mixture.

Allergic Reactions

If you are allergic to bee-related products or celery, take an expert’s recommendation before applying honey to your skin. Paste of Raw honey and pure Cinnamon is considered the most effective and powerful antimicrobial antioxidant. It can help your skin cells heal better and nourish them positively. However, if you are allergic to Cinnamon, do not apply the mixture, for it will only add to itchiness and acne otherwise.

As Exfoliator and For Wound Healing

As mentioned above, fresh honey can be used as an exfoliator. Since the fundamental property of an exfoliator is to eliminate dull and dead skin cells, thus honey also brightens skin and lightens the skin tone by exposing and revealing the layer of fresh skin cells from underneath. You can apply manuka honey on your skin after washing your face with a face wash and let it dry for some minutes until you remove it. Then, wash your face only with water again for diluting honey’s stickiness and feel the stark difference in the freshness of your skin cells.   

Honey also plays a vital role in fading acne scars by treating the damaged skin cells. You can use it as a paste applied in particular areas affected by faults or simply as a face mask. Inflation, redness of the skin, and other such damages are also treated with natural honey. Nonetheless, you should also keep in mind that raw honey will only be effective for natural healing or natural scars. Any scar that was a result of a bizarre accident can not be healed from it. For instance, spots left after a burn or deep cut can not be treated using natural honey.  

For Anti-Ageing effects and treatment of Skin Cancer

Since honey helps in freshening up skin cells and reveal better skin, it naturally has anti-aging properties. It activates skin cells and keeps them in optimal condition. Some recent research has argued that honey is also influential in the treatment of skin cancer.

Several studies have concluded that honey works as an anticancer, antiproliferative, and antimetastatic on cancer cells. In addition, it slows the growth and expansion of cancer cells in the body considerably. While studies have shown honey’s anticancer properties, one should consult their physicians before its application. Moreover, despite its practical benefits, one must not treat cancer with honey only. Proper cancer treatment should be mandatory.

In all and all, there are multiple undisputed benefits of honey. It can be used for a wide variety of natural problems. Nevertheless, one should forever keep in mind that only raw honey, without synthetics, shall always be used. For otherwise, dirt and additional pollutants in it can cause severe skin conditions, which we’re sure that none of you would like. Moreover, it is always a good idea to use these products after discussing with an expert or under experienced supervision.

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